• News Weekly Roundup - April 15, 2024

    The Taxing Truth: A State-By-State Analysis Of Tax-Time Trickery Tax Time Headache? So What Else Is New?
    Kurt Knutsson, Cyberguy Report for the Fox News News Wire Article published in the Oil City Derrick
    April 11, 2024 April 8, 1972
        We are less than a week away from the tax deadline and there is new data on tax season that can help ensure you stay safe this tax season. With tax return scams on the rise rushing to get your taxes done before the deadline can be one of the ways you are more vulnerable to becoming a victim of one of these scams. So how can you strike the balance of utilizing tax filing software to support you in getting those taxes on time while ensuring you are protecting yourself from the various scams? …

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        CHAMPAIGN Ill. (AP) — A staff linguist at the University of Illinois says the feeling of frustration anger and the temptation to cheat at tax filing deadline time may be older than ancient Babylon. Shin Theke Kang a Korean-born student of ancient Near Eastern languages has deciphered a Sumerian clay tablet which he said is a page from a tax form prepared under the pressure of an approaching deadline by a wealthy shopkeeper more than 4000 years ago. Kang says there is evidence the shopkeeper in the ancient kingdom of Ur III — part of Sumer which preceded Babylon — was under pressure from government authorities for apparently trying to cheat. Kang said the tablet is unique among a collection of 1800 he is studying at the universitys World Heritage Museum. It is the first he has examined which contains two different hands of cuneiform man’s oldest known system of writing. He said the right-hand column is in a fine clear script— the work of a professional scribe. It contains items of inventory that would be found in a boutique of the period ranging from the finest cloth to be used for adorning statues to that which would be used as saddle cloth for donkeys. To the right the scribe left blank spaces for the shopkeeper to fill in the quantity of the items on hand. “There are numerous erasures” Kang said “and an area on the reverse side used as a scratch pad is dimpled with fingerprint marks. The shopkeeper was either a bit careless and disorderly or perhaps purposely undercounted his wares and then had second thoughts about it.” Kang said most tax forms in Sumer were filled out by government scribes alone as they interviewed the taxpayer. “The shopkeeper apparently was working under the pressure of a deadline’’ Kang says. “There is evidence the government had questions on the tax form he initially filed and a scribe returned to verify the figures.” Kang speculates the shopkeeper may not have been in at the time and the scribe left the tablet for him to complete. ‘‘The shopkeeper had about two days’’ Kang said ‘‘the time it takes for the clay to dry. Furthermore there is a deep gouge across that part used as the scratch pad. It was made by a hard slash with a blunt instrument apparently out of anger.”
  • News Weekly Roundup - April 8, 2024

    Scramble To Find Perfect View! The Sun Blinked As The Nation Watched A Solar Spectacular
    Marcia Dunn for the Associated Press By H. D. Quigg 1’Pt Seniar F Ditar published in the Morgantown Sunday Dominion Post
    April 8, 2024 March 8, 1970
        MESQUITE Texas (AP) — Eclipse spectators staked out their spots across three countries Sunday fervently hoping for clear skies despite forecasts calling for clouds along most of the sun-vanishing route. North America won’t see another coast-to-coast total solar eclipse for 21 years prompting the weekend’s worry and mad rush. Monday’s extravaganza stretches from Mexico’s Pacific beaches to Canada’s rugged Atlantic shores with 15 U.S. states in between. “I have arrived in the path of totali …

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        The sun blinked for North American earthlings Saturday and millions on the East Coast experienced the spooky daytime dark of a total solar eclipse. The racing shadow of the moon penciled an 85-mile-wide path up the populous eastern U.S. seaboard from Florida to Maryland like a gathering black tropical storm to the oohs and aahs of once-in-a-lifetime watchers. Chickens roosted frogs croaked as at eventide squirrels went to sleep horses hung their heads and even buzzards circling a Georgia swamp swooped down to roost on bare cypress trees. In Washington D.C. about 100 young men and women gathered in concentric circles holding hands and humming Eastern chants. They snake-danced their way through a crowd of several thousand eclipse-gazers gathered at the base of the Washington Monument and their long-haired leader led them through Indian prayers. The eclipse of the centurys Saturday matinee spectacular featured the pearly-white streamers of the sun’s corona or outer atmosphere haloing the blackness of what astronomers call a ‘bulls-eye moon.’ That phrase describes the moons passing across the face of the sun and completely blotting out its main body so that night falls wherever the point of the conical lunar shadow touches an otherwise sunlit globe. This was the first total eclipse of comparable magnitude and duration since 1878 and the last until 2024. Hundreds of scientists made the most of it at scores of sites sending up rocket probes and jet planes in myriad tests. A hovering U.S. satellite took pictures of the shadow as it swept at 1500 miles an hour from the South Pacific across Mexicos Isthmus of Tehuantepec up the southeast U.S. coastline and across Nantucket Island Mass. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. In Georgia when the darkness hit frogs in the Okefenokee swamp started croaking their nighttime song. A black bear climbed a tree. A red squirrel that had been eating went to sleep on a moss bed. Eight chickens in a Waycross Ga. wire coop quit eating and moving about as the sky darkened. Then when blackness settled two of them hopped to roost while the other six squatted silently. When the sun came out the chickens resumed daytime activity In the swamp mosquitoes started biting human observers of the scene. At the zoo in Norfolk Va. at 1:36 p.m. EST an elephant began to trumpet and stomp the ground at the quick dusk chimpanzees huddled in a corner of their cage and monkeys panicked and hurtled about. They refused all offers of peanuts while the eclipse was in progress. The ducks and swans in the zoo pond swam to an island in the middle and bunched together. Chickens squatted or roosted and roosters crowed at the suns reappearance. Baby lambs ran to a barn corner and huddled. A normally docile nanny goat butted the keeper three times and billy goats became belligerent. A male and female bear spent the totality period dancing arm-in-arm and rubbing noses. Horses and donkeys dropped heads as if to sleep. Cows mooed. UPI Space Writer Edward K. DeLong flying with a team of scientists aboard an Air Force jet 36800 feet above the Gulf of Mexico said the moons shadow approaching from the southwest bore down ‘like a big blue funnel’ and a false sunset was visible on the horizon. Outside the belt of totality there was a partial eclipse of varying degrees over North America Central America and a small portion of South America. But it was the total eclipse that was spectacular. The blackout hit first at the sleepy Indian village of Miahuatlan.
  • News Weekly Roundup - April 1, 2024

    Investigation Of Baltimore Bridge Collapse Picks Up Speed As Divers Recover 2 Bodies From Water Search For Others Killed In Bridge Collapse
    Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Anderson Herald
    March 27, 2024 June 19, 1958
        Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after a container ship lost power and rammed into the bridge early Tuesday sending vehicles plunging into the water. A recovery effort resumed Wednesday with divers searching for six construction workers who are still unaccounted for. …

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        VANCOUVER B.C. (AP) — Workers probed through the tangled wreckage of an unfinished 16-million-dollar bridge Wednesday seeking bodies of men killed in the tragic collapse. Meanwhile British Columbia officials started an investigation into the collapse of the structure late Tuesday. The grotesquely tangled and twisted wreckage of the Second Narrows Bridge over the swift-flowing Burrard Inlet has given up the bodies of 14 workmen crushed or drowned when two 140-foot sections fell from their supports. Two other bodies were visible in the water under the wreckage and two men are missing. More than a score of workmen were being treated in hospitals for injuries ranging from minor to loss of limbs.
  • News Weekly Roundup - March 25, 2024

    Kremlin Blames Ukraine Secret Agents Arrest Scores In Mexico In Attempt To Break Student Resistance
    Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Provo Herald
    March 23, 2024 October 6, 1968
        MOSCOW (AP) — The suburban Moscow music hall where gunmen opened fire on concertgoers was a blackened smoldering ruin Saturday as the death toll in the attack surpassed 130 and Russian authorities arrested four suspects. President Vladimir Putin claimed they were captured while fleeing to Ukraine. Kyiv strongly denied any involvement in Friday’s assault on the Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk and the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate claimed responsibility. Putin did not …

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        MEXICO CITY (UPI)—Secret agents and police Saturday raided homes of suspected leaders arresting scores or perhaps hundreds as they sought to break the back of the student resistance. There were scattered shots early Saturday at the huge Tlateloloco apartment complex but they were believed to have been fired by the occupying army troops who are trying to run down what they insist is the one sniper still active. There was a report that the sniper had been killed but all official sources including the presidential press officer the army the police and the defense department denied that anyone had been hit. The sniper killed one man Friday and the army still was denying it long after the president’s office had announced it and the Red Cross had identified the victim. Three more students died in hospitals of injuries suffered in Wednesdays “night of sorrow” bringing the death toll to 33. Additional hundreds were wounded in the battle at the Plaza of Three Cultures center of the nine-block-square apartment complex. Troops had surrounded a rally of 10000 students who are demanding that the government free what it calls political prisoners when the firing started although no one is sure which side fired first. The troops replied with rifle and machine-gun bursts into the crowd. The government began its raids on homes early Friday evening striking in all parts of the city and the pickups of suspected student leaders continued through the night and all day Saturday. Officials would not say how many had been arrested but observers said that the total might be in the hundreds. The government which gave firm assurances to the International Olympic Committee that it would take whatever measures necessary to assure peace for the games which start Oct. 12 has made no secret of the fact it will intern as many students as it feels necessary
  • Editorial Weekly Roundup - March 25, 2024

    Moscow Attack: Don’T Believe The Kremlin Tragedy In Munich
    Garry Kasparov for The Wall Street Journal News Wire Article published in the Red Bank Register
    March 24, 2024 September 7, 1972
        Friday’s terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow killed more than 100 people in a brutal crime against humanity. Many key facts are still unclear and rest assured they will become only less clear as the Kremlin works to exploit the crisis domestically and abroad. Coming shortly after his latest sham election the attack gave dictator Vladimir Putin a rallying cry one day after the Kremlin declared for the first time that Russia is in a “state of war” in Ukraine. …

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        Insane terror was how Israel’s Premier Golda Meir described it. Reprehensible and outrageous said U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield. Barbaric action were the words of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott. International outlaws of the worst sort said the President of the United States. That’s a sampling of some of the reactions to the murders that started in the Israeli building in Olympic Village in Munich Germany; that have shocked the world. They occurred because Arab guerrillas unsuccessfully tried to abduct the entire Israeli team. The flags of more than 120 nations flying there in a plaza dedicated to peace among sportsmen are at half-mast. It truly is a time for mourning. This terrifying incident can only fan the flames that are ever present in the Middle East but it should serve as a warning to the world’s leaders that those flames must be doused. It also is another horrible reminder that because of its enemies a tiny land Israel must be continually on its guard. As President Nixon said: Traveling Israelis must constantly be on the alert for such attacks because the terrorists are international outlaws who are unpredictable. Israels requests for assurances of its safety and security have too long been ignored just as has the placing of the real responsibility for similar Arab guerrilla attacks — which started in 1968. World leaders who speak of peace should observe the admonition in an editorial in L’Osservatore Romano: Today’s attempt has a taste of treason more than just treachery. Yes it was treason existing side by side with loyalty in the games.
  • Advice Weekly Roundup - March 25, 2024

    Carolyn Hax: Dad Encourages Their Young Son’S Sore-Winner Behavior Even Up The Odds With A Handicap
    Carolyn Hax for The Washington Post News Wire Article published in the Norwalk Reflector
    March 25, 2024 January 22, 1974
        Dear Carolyn: I fully acknowledge this is a stupid problem but here goes. My husband and son 7 LOVE any kind of game. At first so did I but not now. What usually happens is those two collude against me and I lose almost every time. There’s a particular card game where if those two individually take certain actions I’m guaranteed to lose. Both of these actions occur at the beginning of the game so I don’t have a chance before I’ve taken my first turn. The whole experience is ruined if I …

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        By Abigail Van Buren: DEAR ABBY: A mother wrote in complaining because her husband would never let their eight-year-old son win at Monopoly or chess and you agreed that the father was right. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Years ago I used to play dominoes with my father who was then getting on in years and not as sharp as he used to be. I could have beaten him every time if I had wanted to but I often let him beat me. I can still recall the look of pleasure on his face when he’d win. You said a child should learn to accept defeat with grace and good sportsmanship until he develops the skill to win fairly and squarely. But in the meantime the boy is apt to think of his father as a merciless machine that runs over him with all the grace of a bulldozer. GOOD JUDGMENT [I HOPE] DEAR JUDGMENT: Letting Papa win at dominoes isn’t the same as letting Junior win Children are not easily fooled and it’s more confidence shattering to suspect that Daddy is letting them win. But read on for a better solution. DEAR ABBY: You missed the obvious answer to Mother who thought Father should let their eight-year-old win once in a while. Let Dad play with a handicap! Handicaps are used by pros and amateurs to even the odds in all kinds of games. Sure the son needs to learn how to accept defeat with grace but losing all the time is no fun and it only teaches discouragement. I’ve been playing games with my seven-year-old son for years and we both play to win because I take a handicap. As his skill increases my handicap decreases. Accept defeat gracefully Abby and tell Dad to even up the game by using this suggestion.
  • Advice Weekly Roundup - March 20, 2024

    Girlfriend Of Three Years Learns The Horrible Truth Shall We Open Up Or Run For Cover?
    Abigail Van Buren for the Uexpress News Wire Article published in the Coshocton Tribune
    February 19, 2024 January 24, 1966
        For nearly three years I have been seeing a man who later asked me to move in with him. He abruptly stopped emailing me four months ago. I waited several weeks and then emailed him telling him how upset and hurt I was and asking what was going on. I found out – not from him – that he has been in a relationship with another woman for the last five years. I am furious! I am at a loss about what I should do. …

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        This man I used to know very well is a cross between a monkey and a donkey (which is the polite way of saying it). He mooched off me for three years even fed him when he was too cheap to take me out for dinner. He embarrassed me at parties with his high-jinks and I do mean “high!” And he thought he was the answer to a woman’s prayer. Well I put up with it and when he got ready to dump me he didn’t even have the decency to let me know. I just saw him with another woman asked around and found he’d moved in with her. Well I can tell her some things about him that would curl her fake eyelashes. I’m about to write her a letter and spill it all. Why not let her know she didn’t get any bargain?—GLAD HE’S GONE. Dear GHG: “Pin the tales on the donkey” is for kids. If you want him back backbiting is no way to get him. If youre REALLY glad he’s gone why get in a snit because he dumped you first? Shrug smile and circulate!—H.
  • News Weekly Roundup - March 18, 2024

    Special Counsel Robert Hur Hearing On Biden Document Case: 5 Takeaways Ghost Of Martha Mitchell Is At Hearing
    Riley Beggin, Usa Today for the Usa Today News Wire Article published in the Norwalk Reflector
    March 12, 2024 July 11, 1973
        WASHINGTON – Special Counsel Robert Hur went before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning to discuss his report on President Joe Biden\s handling of classified documents – and his explosive commentary on Biden\s memory and demeanor. In the report released early last month Hur did not recommend the Justice Department charge Biden with any crimes for the classified documents found in his former Washington D.C. office and Delaware home saying the evidence did not establish his guilt. …

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        WASHINGTON (UPI) — Martha Mitchell may be absent from the Senate Watergate hearings but her name comes up frequently as her husband answers questions. Early in his testimony Tuesday John N. Mitchell drew a laugh from the crowded hearing room when he referred to the detailed telephone logs he maintained as attorney general and later as President Nixons campaign manager. You will see that I kept extensive logs he said. All my calls were logged including those of my daughter and my wife. By the way my wife calls a lot more often than my daughter. It was an obvious reference to Mrs. Mitchells proclivity for making phone calls especially to reporters to express her views. At another point Mitchell denied that he had attended a political meeting on the evening of June 28 1972 as a previous witness had alleged. I was in New York on June 28 and I arrived back in Washington early that evening he said and the passenger I had with me was not about to let me attend any more meetings that evening. Under questioning by Sen. Herman Talmadge D-Ga. Mitchell was asked why he resigned as campaign manager July 1 1972 four months before the election. I thought it was the most publicized resignation in history Mitchell told him. I had some long range threats and phone calls that if I didn’t get out of politics I was going to lose my marriage. It had nothing to do with Watergate? Talmadge asked him. None whatsoever Mitchell replied. When Talmadge interjected that he didn’t want to embarrass him about his personal life Mitchell waved him aside.
  • Editorial Weekly Roundup - March 18, 2024

    ChatGPT May Lead To The Downfall Of Education And Critical Thinking Computers Soon To Teach 3 R’s
    Tech Business News Editorial Desk News Wire Article published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune
    February 27, 2024 October 29, 1968
        While artificial intelligence models such as ChatGTP have the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with technology, they may also have unintended consequences when it comes to education and critical thinking. There is growing concern among educators and experts that the increasing use of AI language models like ChatGPT in the classroom could lead to a lack of critical thinking and independent learning among students. The ease and convenience of generating text with the help of AI may …

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        PASADENA, Calif. (AP) Education experts predicted Monday that computers soon will teach such basic skills as reading and mathematics in one-tenth the time and at half the costs now required. Schools as we know them will disappear, they said. The forecasts were made in a symposium on computer-assisted education at a meeting of the National Academy of Science at the California ATISHLULE OF LECIOIORY Dr. Ralph W. el dean of the graduate division of the University of California at Irvine, said “The impact of computers on education will be more important than was the development of printing”. “With today’s equipment”, he said, “10,000 students could be taught easily through less than 700 computerized television consoles”. He added that the cost of such a system would be only half that of using human teachers at the ratio of one for 15 students Dr. James Bonner of Caltech predicted that basic studies eventually will be taught in one tenth the time needed today. “Computers will monitor, each student’s progress minute by minute, correcting mistakes immediately before they become fixed in the child’s mind”, he said. The teacher of the future, the experts agreed, will be a console which flashes right or wrong to each answer as it is given. Since a computer can react in a thousandth of a second it could teach 1,000 students at once through 1,000 connsoles. It no longer becomes necessary to house all of the students of a given age all of the time in something we know as a classroom egg crate type of school but with approximately 30 students and a teacher housed in each slot of the crate. We see classroom space being drastically reduced because there is no need to have all the students there at the same time and there is no need to open the building for only a few hours each day. It should and will be made available to students 24 hours a day, just as computers for statistical purposes are now available 24 hours a day for college students. He forecast widespread use of computers in elementary schools in the 1960s. Eventually, he said, as equipment costs are reduced computer terminals will move into homes and one can envision families of many age levels learning together.
  • News Weekly Roundup - March 11, 2024

    Justice Dept. Opens Criminal Probe Of Mid-Flight Blowout On 737 Max Plane Probe Crackup Of Dutch Plane
    Spencer S. Hsu, Ian Duncan, Lori Aratani for The Washington Post News Wire Article published in the Hamilton Daily News Journal
    March 10, 2024 September 7, 1954
        FAA has stepped up oversight of its manufacturing and quality control processes. The agency also has taken the unusual step of limiting the number of aircraft the company can produce until it can be assured that Boeing has addressed the problems that contributed to the Alaska Airlines blowout. FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker recently visited Seattle a trip that included a tour of Boeing’s 737 production line. He also spoke with Boeing engineers and mechanics as well as FAA employees tasked …

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        SHANNON AIRPORT Ireland - The coroners inquest into the deaths of 28 persons aboard a crashed Dutch KLM airliner has been told that 25 victims trapped in the plane’s cabin died of asphyxiation from gas fumes. One passenger who escaped with 28 other survivors after the plane plowed into the muddy Shannon River Sunday died later in a hospital from injuries suffered in the crash. She was Mrs. Caroline Platz of New York City. Two bodies have not been recovered. Eleven victims and 15 of those who escaped were Americans. Dr. William Flynn medical officer for Shannon Airport testified at the inquest yesterday that examination of the bodies found in the plane showed no evidence of drowning or injury. Thus he concluded they suffocated from the gas fumes.
  • News Weekly Roundup - March 4, 2024

    Mcconnell To Step Down Leadership Fight Begins As Mansfield Retirement Opens Top Democratic Senate Post
    Michael Tackett for the Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Ruston Daily Leader
    February 28, 2024 March 5, 1976
        WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitch McConnell the longest-serving Senate leader in history who maintained his power in the face of dramatic convulsions in the Republican Party for almost two decades will step down from that position in November. McConnell who turned 82 last week announced his decision Wednesday in the well of the Senate the chamber where he looked in awe from its back benches in 1985 when he arrived and where he grew increasingly comfortable in the front row seat afforded the party leader. …

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        WASHINGTON (UPI) - Mike Mansfields announced retirement has triggered what could be a bitter Democratic battle for the power and prestige of the senate leadership he has held longer than anyone in history. The contest for Democratic leader will coincide next January with a Republican battle over replacing GOP leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania who also retires at the end of this year. The anticipated upheavals could even reach across the Capitol into the House of Representatives where Speaker Carl Albert has not yet decided whether to seek another term. The contests are expected to sharply underscore and perhaps aggravate deep conservative and liberal divisions within both parties. Only hours after Mansfield revealed his decision not to seek re-election Sen. Edmund S. Muskie of Maine formally declared his candidacy for the job which becomes vacant in January. Muskie’s candidacy pits him against assistant Senate Democratic Leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia who has made no secret of his ambition to succeed Mansfield and who is generally considered to have the inside track. Assistant Republican leader Robert Griffin of Michigan wants Scotts job but may be challenged for the post by the more conservative Sen. John Tower of Texas chairman of the Senate GOP Policy Committee. If either Griffin or Byrd steps up their No. 2 posts will of course be up for grabs. Byrd won his assistant leadership post in a close upset over Sen. Edward Kennedy in 1971 after years of meticulously courting his colleagues and mastering Senate rules and procedures. He has since won the approval of his colleagues for his sheer hard work with Mansfield virtually delegating the Senates day-to-day routine operations to him. But close Senate observers say Byrd by no means has it wrapped up. In the end his conservative political past including membership long ago in the Ku Klux Klan may be his undoing. Sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota also would like to cap his long political career with the leadership post. He has been at times highly critical of the lack of leadership in Congress.
  • Editorial Weekly Roundup - March 1, 2024

    In Death Navalny Is Even More Dangerous To Putin’S Lies Parallel Is Seen
    Serge Schmemann for The New York Times Opinion News Wire Article published in the San Antonio Light
    February 17, 2024 November 2, 1971
        For most of the 12 or so years in which Alexei Navalny crusaded against the rule of Vladimir Putin the Russian president tried to avoid mentioning his gadfly by name even as he and his minions tried every which way assassination included to silence him. Yet when the news of Mr. Navalny’s reported death in a remote northern labor camp appeared on official Russian news sites it included the detail that Mr. Putin on a visit to the city of Chelyabinsk had been “informed.” Many official outlet …

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        Theres a parallel between what happened at the U.N. and what happened in Saigon just eight years ago. On that occasion we pulled the rug from under South Vietnamese President Diem not so much because we wanted to hurt Diem but because the Kennedy administration felt it (and South Vietnam) would fare better with a new group in charge - Gen. Big Minhs crowd. Diligent efforts were made to fend for Diem give him asylum in the U.S. embassy and see him safely off to retirement in another country. But he was murdered and JFK grieved. So must President Nixon lament U.N.s execution of Chiangs China. He didnt want it to happen that way but miserable little forces ordained that it did. His thoughts probably will be troubled for a time. After all some of his early political progress was based on the support he received from the so-called China Lobby financed by rich American conservatives and Chinese expatriates of the stature of T.V. Soong Chiangs banker brother-in-law. The Presidents consolation may come from the fact that in effect 750000000 Chinese now sit where 14000000 had and that the U.S. took the prime role in making Chiang Kaisheks China self-supporting and will continue to give aid. The U.S. will survive in U.N. of course. But it wont ever again be as easy as it was. We must henceforth play the league wherein it is possible to lose to Albania.
  • News Weekly Roundup - February 27, 2024

    Airman Who Set Self On Fire Grew Up On Religious Compound Had Anarchist Past Self-Proclaimed Pacifist Man Sets Himself Afire Before Horrified Workers At Pentagon
    Emily Davies, Peter Hermann And Dan Lamothe for The Washington Post News Wire Article published in the Oil City Derrick
    February 26, 2024 November 3, 1965
        Less than two weeks before Aaron Bushnell walked toward the gates of the Israeli Embassy on Sunday he and a friend talked by phone about their shared identities as anarchists and what kinds of risks and sacrifices were needed to be effective. Bushnell 25 mentioned nothing violent or self-sacrificial the friend said. Then on Sunday Bushnell texted that friend who described the exchange on the condition of anonymity to protect his safety. “I hope you’ll understand. I love you” Bushnell wrote. …

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        WASHINGTON (AP)—A self-proclaimed pacifist his baby in his arms turned himself into a human torch outside the Pentagon Tuesday as a horrified crowd of homegoing workers watched. He died shortly afterward. The onlookers shouted for the man to drop the 18-month-old baby girl Emily one of his three children and he did so. She escaped injury. The man was identified as Norman R. Morrison 31 of Baltimore Md. a Quaker. This sect formally called the Society of Friends disapproves of war or violence of any form and has urged nonviolence between nations. Several notes were found in Morrison’s pockets but a spokesman for Pentagon security police said he did not know if there was a suicide note. One paper seems to be notes taken at an Oct. 12 meeting of the ‘Friends Joint Peace Committee’ at Goucher College Center in Baltimore. They included the phrase “ordeal of peace in two worlds” and reference to the ratio of civilians killed in Viet Nam. Morrison and the baby were rushed to the Ft. Myer hospital not far from the Pentagon. He was declared dead on arrival. Several hours later Morrison’s wife Ann arrived from Baltimore. A hospital spokesman said Mrs. Morrison declined to talk with reporters and would return to Baltimore with the child. The General Service Administration and the U.S. district attorney’s office were investigating the reasons for the spectacular suicide.
  • Weekly Roundup - February 26, 2024

    Bible-Quoting Alabama Chief Justice Sparks Church-State Debate In Embryo Ruling Anti-Abortion Law Defended
    Peter Smith, Tiffany Stanley for the Associated Press Py Charlotte Molelton published in the Brownsville Herald
    February 23, 2024 October 11, 1972
        When the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are considered children under state law its chief justice had a higher authority in mind. By citing verses from the Bible and Christian theologians in his concurring opinion Chief Justice Tom Parker alarmed advocates for church-state separation while delighting religious conservatives who oppose abortion. Human life Parker wrote “cannot be wrongfully destroyed without incurring the wrath of a holy God who views the destruction of H …

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        WASHINGTON (UPI) - Lawyers for the state of Texas defending their anti-abortion law contended before the Supreme Court today that life begins with conception and from that instant on the unborn fetus is a person as far as constitutional rights are concerned. At issue is a law on the books in Texas and 30 other states which makes abortion a crime unless it is necessary to save the mothers life. On the opposite issue was Mrs. Sarah Weddington of Austin Texas representing a group of citizens trying to get the law overturned. She told the nine black-robed justices that lower court rulings have so far indicated a fetus should not be considered a person with rights equal to all others. Both lawyers were questioned continually from the bench. The touchy abortion issue was put aside last year when the Court was short by two members. Todays arguments involved a Texas statute which makes abortion a crime unless it is necessary to save the mothers life. A three-judge federal panel in Dallas ruled in June 1970 that the statute is unconstitutional but did not bar its enforcement. A Dallas group has brought a challenge arguing that a Texas district attorney is continuing to enforce the law. A Georgia law which allows abortion for some reasons such as rape or the possibility of a physical or mental defect in the child. The statute is being challenged by a group including pregnant women both single and married physicians registered nurses ministers and social workers.
  • Weekly Roundup - February 19, 2024

    Fani Faces Removal? Sirica Cracks Down On Lawyers’ Antics
    Kate Brumback for the Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Amarillo Daily News
    February 15, 2024 October 25, 1974
        ATLANTA (AP) — Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the witness stand Thursday and forcefully pushed back against what she described as “lies” about her romantic relationship with a special prosecutor during an extraordinary hearing over misconduct allegations that threaten to upend one of four criminal cases against Donald Trump. A visibly upset Willis who originally fought to stay off the witness stand agreed to testify after a previous witness said her relationship with special …

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        U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica cracking down on quarreling lawyers warned Thursday he will not let the Watergate cover-up trial deteriorate into ‘‘a carnival atmosphere.” “I mean it he told attorneys for both the prosecution and the defense with the jury out of the courtroom. “If I dont get your cooperation I will have to do something about it.” Emotions ran high and tempers flared frequently on the 18th day of the trial as lawyers leaped to their feet with objections to questions asked the only witness heard thus far —former White House counsel John W. Dean III. At mid-afternoon Sirica called a recess and came back with a statement he said he was ‘‘sorry to have to make.” Sirica’s warning came after defense attorneys cross-examining Dean failed to trip him up on any major inconsistencies in the story that has made him the government’s star witness against five former White House or election aides to Richard M. Nixon. “I think frankly that this is a very serious case” Sirica said. ‘‘It is serious not only for the defendants but for members of their families —their wives their children their friends. I consider this a serious case and I don’t want this case to have what they call a carnival atmosphere to it. We ought to try it just like any other type of case.” He said he realized there was “‘a lot of tension stress and strain’ in such a major trial. But he said he could not continue to.
  • Special Edition - The Super Bowl

    Kyle Shanahan’S Legacy Takes Another Hit With Super Bowl 2024 Loss Game Great But Nixon’S Team Lost
    Mark Cannizzaro for The New York Post News Wire Article published in the St Joseph Herald Press
    February 11, 2024 January 15, 1973
        LAS VEGAS — Let’s make this clear up front: Kyle Shanahan is a hell of a football coach. He’s innovative and creative his players play for him he’s helped build a culture of excellence in San Francisco and he comes from strong head-coaching stock with his father Mike having multiple Super Bowl titles on his résumé. But … But these Super Bowl losses are becoming well a thing for Shanahan. For the third time in his coaching career — second as a head coach — Shanahan was on the wrong side of …

    Read the full article here.
        KEY BISCAYNE Fla. (AP) – President Nixon says the Super Bowl was great even though his favorite team lost. “That was a fine game” Nixon was quoted as saying Sunday after Miami won the world professional football championship with a 14-7 victory over the Washington Redskins. “The people of Washington and the people of Miami can both be proud of their teams” Nixon said. ‘They played well.” The chief executive watched the game on television with his close friend and neighbor C. G. “Bebe” Rebozo a Key Biscayne banker. The two had driven to Rebozos second home at Key Largo to watch it. Afterward Nixon returned to his home here. Aides said Nixon was expected to telephone the coaches of both teams today. (Complete coverage of game in sports section.)
  • Weekly Roundup - February 5, 2024

    Israel And Lebanon Are Prepping For War… Peking Says It Prepares For Russ War
    Abby Sewell, Melanie Lidman for the Associated Press By Edward J. Shields published in the Norwalk Reflector
    February 1, 2024 March 8, 1969
        The prospect of a full-scale war between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia terrifies people on both sides of the border but some see it as an inevitable fallout from Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza. Such a war could be the most destructive either side has ever experienced. Israel and Hezbollah each have lessons from their last war in 2006 a monthlong conflict that ended in a draw. They’ve also had four months to prepare for another war even as the United State …

    Read the full article here.
        Official Moscow and Peking exchanged thousands of threatening words today but their crisis came home best in four words from one worried man: ‘Bad very very bad.”’ The Soviet Unions top ideological writers let loose a 2000 - word editorial barrage in Pravda the Soviet Communist party paper that condemned Mao Tse - tung as a traitor warmonger and a failure. Radio Peking said essentially the same thing of the Kremlin and added its armed forces were ‘preparing for a war.”’ A Soviet Foreign Office spokesman summed up _ the situation more bluntly Friday night with the comment that diplomatic relations in the wake of the Ussuri River border battle are ‘‘bad very very bad through no fault of ours.”’ He said the Soviet Embassy in Peking is ‘‘under siege in the full sense of the word by groups of hooligans.’’ Chinese broadcasts boast repeatedly that it is but foreign newsmen there Say demonstrations outside it have abated. Tens of thousands of Muscovites marched past the Chinese Embassy Friday shortly before the Soviet Foreign Ministry charged publicly Chinese troops had mutilated wounded Soviet troops in Sunday’s clash and shot down their peace emissarys point - blank. The demonstrators hurled ink pots beer bottles and chunks of ice through most of the 100 embassy windows. Tass originally estimated the size of the crowd at about 50000. Witnesses put the figure as high as 250000. Peking has claimed that 150 million Chinese have demonstrated nationwide against the Soviets. Peking Radios propaganda barrage against the Kremlin today said the Chinese army navy and air force were ‘‘preparing for a war. If the treacherous Soviet revisionist clique dares to continue invasion into China we will terminate all such efforts. . .”’ The Pravda editorial said the Chinese deliberately attacked the Soviet outpost in hopes that ‘‘by fanning up anti - Soviet hysteria and chauvinistic frenzy”’ it could cover up the failure of Mao’s policies at home and his attempts to split the international Communist bloc away from Soviet leadership.
  • Weekly Roundup - January 29, 2024

    Americans Economic Outlook Brightens As Inflation Slows And Wages Outpace Prices Prospects For Future Looking Good Ike Says
    Christopher Rugaber for the Associated Press Bw Aesaslated Berane published in the Mt Vernon Register News
    January 24, 2024 August 12, 1954
        WASHINGTON (AP) — After an extended period of gloom Americans are starting to feel better about inflation and the economy — a trend that could sustain consumer spending fuel economic growth and potentially affect President Joe Biden’s political fortunes. A measure of consumer sentiment by the University of Michigan has jumped in the past two months by the most since 1991. A survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that Americans inflation expectations have reached their lowest point in years suggesting that the recent slowdown in price increases may be more than just a temporary blip. The combination of slower inflation and rising wages is a positive sign for American workers who have been grappling with rising costs for housing food and other essentials. It also bodes well for the Biden administration which has been under pressure to address the rising cost of living. The improved economic outlook could help bolster support for the president and his policies particularly as the midterm elections approach. However economists caution that the positive trends could be fragile and subject to change particularly if inflation picks up again or if the labor market weakens. For now though Americans are feeling more optimistic about their financial prospects which could translate into increased spending and economic growth in the months ahead. …

    Read the full article here.
        President Eisenhower declared today that the over-all performance of the American economy since his administration took over “has heen better than during any earlier time.”’ “The paramount fact… is that the recent decline In economic activity has come to a halt” the President said at another point in a report on the state of the nation’s economic. health at mid- year And he listed signs which he said point out bright prospects for the future Eisenhower\s survey in this congressional election year am- ounted to a reply to Democratic critics who have contended that the Republican administration is breeding unemployment and lead- ing the nation into a depression. There appears no doubt that both sides will draw heavily on the report for ammunition in the upcoming vote battles. Eisenhower noted the criticism in general terms and went on to say that “the recent economic decline on an over-all basis has been very small.” He also declared: 1. Price increases during the first six months of this year were “tiny” and—if developments such as bargain sales are taken into account—‘“we can surely say without the slightest fear of con- tradiction that the value of the people’s money has remained en- tirely intact.” 2. The increase in wages— which is one of the principal exe. pressions of the progressiveness of the American economy—has. continued” 3. Unemployment is greater now than during the Korean War but “in recent months has not been larger than during compar- able months in 1949 and 1950.” The President added that the rate of unemployment “has shown some tendency. to dimin- ish of late” and said “this is one of the numerous signs” of econo- mic improvement. 4 One reason for the criticism of the recent record is that ‘‘this
  • Weekly Roundup - January 22, 2024

    Supreme Court Considers Chevron Principle In Major Case Supreme Court Will Rule On Use Of Old Refuse Law
    Maureen Groppe, Usa Today for the Usa Today News Wire Article published in the Cherokee Daily Times
    January 17, 2024 December 19, 1972
        The Supreme Court on Wednesday wrestled over whether to fiddle with - or even overturn - a 40-year-old precedent that has guided how federal agencies protect the environment workers consumers and more. How do we know where the line is? Justice Clarence Thomas asked in opening more than three and a half hours of debate over how much deference courts should give federal agencies when the law is unclear. While the cases before the court on Wednesday were brought by herring fisher …

    Read the full article here.
        The Supreme Court has agreed to rule on the government’s power to use a 19th century federal refuse law to bring criminal action against industrial polluters of the nation’s navigable waters. About 200 suits depend on the outcome of the case accepted Monday for review this spring. The government is seeking to overturn a decision by the U.S. Circuit Court in Philadelphia that limited the scope of the law. The Justice Department’s appeal complained that the lower court had stood the law on its head and emasculated what Congress had in mind in 1899 when it prohibited dumping of all refuse except common liquid sewage into navigable waters. The case concerns the conviction last year of the Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Corp. for passing iron and aluminum solids and compounds into the Monongahela River. The firm was fined $10000. Last May however in a 2-1 ruling the Philadelphia court said the firm was being punished for not obtaining a permit when no broad permit system existed. A new trial was ordered. Since then the U.S. Circuit Court in Boston has read the law the way the government prefers in the case of a Manchester N.H. slaughtering plant convicted of polluting the Merrimack River. The Supreme Court evidently has decided to resolve the conflict in interpretations. In other decisions before beginning a three-week holiday recess the justices: Gave the government authority to check out the names of all contributors to a domestic organization allegedly linked to Irish insurgents. The vote was 6-3. Rejected an appeal by former Louisiana Atty. Gen. Jack P. F. Gremillion who was convicted of perjury to a federal grand jury investigating a bankrupt loan company. He faces three years in prison.
  • Special Edition - MLK Day

    The View Host Marks Mlk Day By Saying Studying History Should Make You Feel Bad Humanity’S Teacher: Johnson Honors Lincoln
    David Rutz for the Fox News By Douglas B. O’Connell Associated Press Writer published in the Salt Lake Tribune
    January 15, 2024 February 13, 1967
        The View co-host Sara Haines said history should make you feel bad while discussing the state of the country’s education on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As the ABC talk show bemoaned that teaching Black history in the country was under attack in an opening segment co-host Ana Navarro said the issue had been weaponized. To drive people to the polls based on outrage because my poor little White kid is feeling bad because he’s learning about slavery. That’s ridiculous she said. Learnin …

    Read the full article here.
        President Johnson said Sunday Abraham Lincoln was the great emancipator of black and white alike but racial suspicions hatreds and violence still plague men almost everywhere on earth. Standing before the Lincoln Memorial beside the Potomac on the anniversary of Lincoln’s birth Mr. Johnson said this remains man’s ancient curse and present shame. The true liberators of mankind he said have always been those who showed men another way to live than by hating their brothers. Teacher of Humanity In what he did to lift the baleful burden of racism from the American soul Abraham Lincoln stands as a teacher not just to his people—black and white alike—but to all humanity. Mr. Johnson didn’t depart from his text to mention Vietnam or any other subject. It was a windy cold but sunny day for commemorating Lincoln’s birth in an annual ceremony sponsored by the military order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Standing on the steps of the white marble memorial with its towering columns and the brooding statue of Lincoln within Mr. Johnson said Lincoln often was racked by doubts. But he added the Civil War President’s true quality emerged from the fact that for four long brutal years he never permitted his anguish and doubt to deter him from acting as he felt he should. The President said Lincoln abhorred slavery but his main political objective was to preserve the Union. Once Lincoln settled in his mind that it was necessary to destroy slavery to restore the Union Mr. Johnson said he turned to action. Earlier Lincoln had advocated separate ways for the black and white races Mr. Johnson said and on a practical basis this means support for colonizing free Negroes in Africa and Central America. Ideal Asserted But Lincoln moved with remorseless realism Mr. Johnson said to the conviction that a community of many races should be established. Lincoln died before giving voice to his vision he said and it has taken more than a century for the nation to assert the ideal Lincoln had barely formulated. It has required the hard lessons of a hundred years he said to make us realize as he did that emancipating the Negro was an act of liberation for whites. Abraham Lincoln was the Great Emancipator of black and white alike. In a world long troubled by the curse of racism there is a commanding clarity in Lincoln’s belief that no man can truly live in creative equality when society imposes the irrational spiritual poverty of discrimination on any man. Wind Braces Flag Mr. Johnson was wearing a black suit—no overcoat—during the half-hour of ceremonies in 26-degree weather. A chill wind from the north kept the national and state colors standing straight out from their staffs. He had driven from the White House in a limousine with Mrs. Johnson daughter Lynda and Courtney McPherson the daughter of Presidential Assistant Harry McPherson. The whole party climbed the steps of the memorial and then Mr. Johnson placed a four-foot wreath of red white and blue carnations at the foot of the Lincoln statue. He spoke from the top of the steps looking down over a crowd of several hundred chilled spectators.
  • Weekly Roundup - January 9, 2024

    Hundreds Of Convictions But Major Mystery Still Unsolved 3 Years After Jan. 6… Officials Hunt Radicals In Wall Street Bombing
    Alannna Durkin Richer, Michael Kunzelman for the Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Madison Capital Times
    January 5, 2024 September 18, 1920
        WASHINGTON (AP) — Members of far-right extremist groups. Former police officers. An Olympic gold medalist swimmer. And active duty U.S. Marines. They are among the hundreds of people who have been convicted in the massive prosecution of the Jan 6 2021 riot in the three years since the stunned nation watched the U.S. Capitol attack unfold on live TV. Washington’s federal courthouse remains flooded with trials guilty plea hearings and sentencings stemming from what has become the largest crim …

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        Convinced that the explosion which snuffed out the lives of 85 persons and injured nearly 300 others in Wall Street Thursday noon was deliberately planned by radicals officials of the Department of Justice headed by Atty. Gen. Palmer today spread a dragnet over the country to trap the originators. Spurred on by rewards aggregating $20500 offered by the city and an accident insurance company police ex-service men and private citizens lent their efforts to the federal agents in ferreting out clues. Department of Justice officials were certain that the disaster was not the result of one person’s inspiration or eccentricity but that it was premeditated and fiendish act bent on defying the government. This opinion was based on the finding of radical literature in post office boxes near the scene of the tragedy soon after it occurred. Very little could be done to trace the authors of this literature or to ascertain whether a general radical movement was contemplated until definite persons can be found who were responsible for Thursdays disaster it was said. Confidence that the “American anarchist fighters” who are believed to have caused the disastrous bomb explosion in Wall Street Thursday would be brought to justice was expressed today by William J. Flynn chief of the bureau of investigation of the Department of Justice. Sees Anarchist Plot Chief Flynn said he was certain from the similarity of circulars found in a mail box near Wall Street at the time of the explosion to those found at the scene of bomb explosions in June 1919 that the same crowd of terrorists was responsible for both outrages. “We had solved the mysteries of last year’s bombs but were frustrated in bringing the criminals to justice when Alfredo Salesedo whom we were detaining jumped from a fourteenth story window and committed suicide” said Flynn. “That tipped our hand and the crowd got safely out of the country before we could nab them. “Now we have much more to go on at the start. The similarity of the circulars makes available all our knowledge of the gang who committed the outrages last year. Most of this information has never been made public and it would not be wise to reveal it now. Torn bits of pink paper were the only evidence we had last vent. Now we have whole circulars dropped into a mail box presumably by the man who set off the bomb half an hour after a letter carrier had emptied the box. In addition there are the horse and the broken bits of the wagon on which the bomb was placed” Primary importance in today’s search was attached to finding the driver of the dilapidated rusty red wagon the fragments of which were found nearest the crater of the detonation. Officials believe apprehension of the authors of the tragedy virtually hinges on this discovery. Says Driver Is Known Col. William Mend chief clerk for J.P. Morgan and Company declared the man who shod the horse that drew the death wagon had been found and that he was reasonably sure of the owner’s identity. Department of Justice officials early today had neither confirmed nor denied this report but Atty. Gen. Palmer said an attempt was made to trace the animal’s owner. “A blacksmith called at police headquarters this morning and told Captain Coughlin he had shod a strange horse last Tuesday and thought he would be able to recognize the shoes if he inspected them. It was arranged for him to look at the shoes later in the day. Particular significance was attached to the farrier’s statement that he had shod the strange horse Tuesday two days before the explosion as experts examining the new shoes estimated they had been on only 48 hours. Many of the injured were said to be still in a serious condition. Scores will be maimed for life it was said.
  • Special Edition - Predictions

    24 Things We Think Will Happen In 2024 Jeane Dixon’S Midyear Predictions Disclosed
    Bryan Walsh And Others for the Vox By Jeane Dixon published in the Biloxi Daily Herald
    January 1, 2024 June 9, 1969
        It was either the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr or Hall of Fame New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra (or quite possibly neither of them) who coined the phrase: “Predictions are hard to make especially about the future.” Nonetheless for the fifth year in a row the staff of Future Perfect will venture its best estimations of what major news events will or won’t take place in 2024. Will Donald Trump return to the White House? Will OpenAI release ChatGPT-5? Will antibiotic sales for …

    Read the full article here.
        Wherever I speak the question is asked over and over— what about Vietnam? I see that hastening the training and equipping of the South Vietnamese forces and supplying them with enough conventional arms will solve our problem in large degree. We can then begin to withdraw our soldiers and let the South Vietnamese fight and win their war against the communists. But I see that President Nixon is being advised— foolishly—against taking such a course. The President will keep trying for successful peace negotiations to end the war. However Russia will keep bringing up major issues or causing them so as to discredit our country all it can. The U.S.S.R. may even have temporary success with such tactics. President Nixon will come up with a surprising solution to a very important matter and I see that it is advisable for him to rely on his own judgment and not be unduly influenced by some advisors. I get that he need not seek moral support to forge ahead in his decision. . . this is important. The people in America and elsewhere will not understand the decision but the future will prove it to be a wise one. His progress will be slow but sure. I see danger now—unless our President properly guides the United States foreign policy we can expect turmoil and rebellion in the midst of affluency. This situation could only lead to repressive measures which in the end could seriously affect our precious and singular freedom. The President is not misled by certain advisors who tell him that the present Soviet leadership is weak divided and confused. He knows it is not. I get harmonious emanations from the very core of Soviet committees showing strong united politically active leadership: with gradually progressing plans to divide our leadership and people. I see a greater influx of foreign money coming into America than ever before—to finance student riots and race riots. The organizational geniuses of the U.S.S.R. are stepping up the momentum. More agitation rioting and violence all keyed to their master plan to “divide and conquer.” I get telepathically that Secretary of Defense Laird wants to keep the public advised as much as possible—to erase the so-called “credibility gap” born during the last administration. The Secretary will soon advise the public that our reconnaissance plane was shot down by North Korea because our plane was interfering somehow with secret Russian underwater electronic weapons. I feel that the shot which actually downed the plane came from the ocean’s surface—probably from a ship—and that there was at least one survivor. In the instant that I “saw” the explosion I also saw a number on a gun—it looked like the figure 37. I feel that women some women will push for what they term “equality” and will go all-out to succeed. One woman in particular will push long and hard and with such assurance that she will become our first woman president in the United States. This could and will happen in the not too distant future; timing is difficult to get but I feel it will surely be in the 1980’s. Ethel Kennedy whom I greatly admire will remarry. Her bridegroom is someone she has known for a while. However she will always be a member of the “Kennedy clan” because of her children and because she will remain active in the facets of the universe as she did when Senator Kennedy was alive. I feel the Kennedy machinations stronger than ever. Senator Edward Kennedy will get the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination; however there are potent dangerous vibrations around him which could alter the course of his life. Sen Kennedy in attempting to run for President in 1972 is reaching ahead of his natural timing. And while charisma and financial power both of which he has in full measure are very important still there is for each of us on this earth a timing—originated and guided by a power greater than all telling. Going against this timing is not wise. I see the good senator a bit premature in his bid for the presidency in 1972. The most startling news of the year I feel will be during the month of August. FOREIGN AFFAIRS ENGLAND — England will probably have a general election in the near future. There will be changes in the top echelon of the government changes which in my interpretation can only result from a general election. A person of prominence in England will pass from the picture and will be nationally mourned. Great Britain will be called upon this year to increase her military activities because of an international crisis which will also cause much confusion and talk in our own country. This crisis and resulting confusion will cause indecision on a matter of grave international proportions and will be recorded in the annals of history. I see many many changes
  • Special Edition - Resignation of University Presidents

    Claudine Gay: What Just Happened At Harvard Is Bigger Than Me Kerr Quits California Presidency
    Claudine Gay for the New York Times News Wire Article published in the Kittanning Simpson Leader Times
    January 3, 2024 March 11, 1965
        On Tuesday I made the wrenching but necessary decision to resign as Harvard’s president. For weeks both I and the institution to which I’ve devoted my professional life have been under attack. My character and intelligence have been impugned. My commitment to fighting antisemitism has been questioned. My inbox has been flooded with invective including death threats. I’ve been called the N-word more times than I care to count. My hope is that by stepping down I will deny demagogues the opport …

    Read the full article here.
        The resignation of University of California President Clark Kerr who weathered stormy free speech demonstrations on the Berkeley campus last December was attributed Wednesday to a subsequent uproar over the use of a four-letter obscenity. The four-letter word was the final word in causing the resignation said California Gov Edmund G Brown. He referred to activities at Berkeley last week when nine persons were arrested for carrying the obscenity on placards or shouting it at student rallies. Kerr who had remained silent earlier also issued a statement Wednesday on his surprise resignation Tuesday from the $15000-a-year post. He chided the Berkeley faculty for failing to take part in disciplining students involved in the obscenity demonstration. Faculty committees should not seek to avoid their responsibility for assisting in discipline because of minor questions of internal jurisdiction he said. Responsibility is the other side of the coin on which freedom is written. Kerr said he announced his resignation in order to stop the destructive degradation of freedom of license on the Berkeley campus.
  • Weekly Roundup - January 1, 2024

    Russia Fires 122 Missiles And 36 Drones In What Ukraine Calls Biggest Aerial Barrage Of War Dmz Clashes Cost Hanoi Forces 153 Dead
    Illia Novikov, Hanna Arhirova for the Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Anderson Herald
    December 29, 2023 June 28, 1968
        KYIV Ukraine (AP) — Russia launched 122 missiles and dozens of drones against Ukrainian targets officials said Friday killing at least 30 civilians across the country in what an air force official called the biggest aerial barrage of the war. At least 144 people were wounded and an unknown number were buried under rubble during the roughly 18-hour onslaught Ukrainian officials said. A maternity hospital apartment blocks and schools were among the buildings reported damaged across Ukraine. …

    Read the full article here.
        Allied forces killed 153 North Vietnamese troops in two clashes on the eastern anchor of the demilitar- ized zone 35 to 45 miles east of the almost-abandoned U.S. Ma- rine base at Khe Sanh military spokesmen said Friday. In the largest action South Vietnamese infantrymen report- ed killing 143 North Vietnamese and capturing ten more in heavy fighting Thursday near the coast six miles east of Quant Tri City and 19 miles south of the DMZ. A government mili- tary spokesman said South Viet- namese losses were 26 killed and 72 wounded. In the other engagement heli- copter-borne units of the US. First Airmobile Cavalry Divi- sion clashed with an estimated 200 North Vietnamese 11 miles east of the U.S. marine base at Dong Ha and seven miles south of the DMZ. Initial reports of the Thursday action listed five North Vietnamese killed and two Americans killed and 22 wounded While the ground fighting picked up on the northern front U.S B52 bombers mounted six new raids close to Saigon in the continuing saturation campaign to wipe out enemy forces and base camps menacing the South Vietnamese capital. Four of the raids hit Thursday night and Friday morning 14 and 15 miles southeast of Saigon at Viet Cong troop concentra- tions and base camps. This was the same area that was bombed on the previous day in some of the closest raids of the war to the capital. U.S. headquarters reported seven secondary explosions aft- er one of the strikes indicating successful bomb hits on enemy munitions or fuel. Farther from Saigon two B52 raids struck at enemy troop concentrations and — staging areas 47 miles northwest of the capital and near the border of Cambodia in Tag Ninh province. One of these raids headquar. ters said produced eight sec- ondary explosions B52 bombers were active in two other parts of the country. The eight-jet bombers struck Friday at North Vietnamese
  • Weekly Roundup - December 25, 2023

    On Christmas Eve Bethlehem Ghost Town. Celebrations Halted Due To War From Rome To Vietnam It’S Not A Time For Rejoicing
    Melanie Lidman for the Associated Press By Associated Press published in the Waukesha Freeman
    December 24, 2023 December 23, 1972
        BETHLEHEM West Bank (AP) — The typically bustling biblical birthplace of Jesus resembled a ghost town Sunday after Christmas Eve celebrations in Bethlehem were called off due to the Israel-Hamas war. The festive lights and Christmas tree that normally decorate Manger Square were missing as were the throngs of foreign tourists and jubilant youth marching bands that gather in the West Bank town each year to mark the holiday. Dozens of Palestinian security forces patrolled the empty square. “Th …

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        As Christian countries around the world prepared to celebrate the birth of Christ Pope Paul VI spoke out Friday against the breakdown in negotiations between Washington and Hanoi and devoted most of a Christmas message to peace. In his annual Christmas address to the College of Cardinals in Vatican City the Pope said that recent events had raised fears in world opinion that an Indochina peace settlement was jeopardized. He did not specifically mention the bombing of Hanoi but Vatican sources said the mention of recent events referred to the American raids. “The unforeseen worsening of events has intensified bitterness and anxiety in world opinion. With increased fervor we offer up our prayer that the oppressive conflict may have a satisfactory and equitable conclusion as soon as possible.” In occupied Jordan officials of Bethlehem were preparing to halt ordinary traffic this weekend for the Christmas celebrations in the birthplace of Christ. From midnight Saturday through Christmas Eve only religious pilgrims tourists and those carrying special passes will be allowed to enter the hillton town. The move is a precaution against possible Palestine guerrilla attempts to sabotage the Christmas celebrations. The mayor of Bethlehem appealed to the world to send donations to help ‘rehabilitate the glory’ of Christs birthplace. Many of the 25000 US soldiers in South Vietnam who had hoped to be home for the holidays were in a cynical mood over the stalemated peace talks and resumption of the bombing but still hoped this would be their last Christmas in Vietnam. In Saigon U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker said in a message to Americans in Vietnam that there is now hope that the U.S. peace effort will succeed. In Peru Christmas symbols of foreign origin are out of favor this year. The Education Ministry declared St. Nick persona non grata in October saying that he Christmas trees sleighs and reindeer were symbols of Nordic countries and not of Peru. Santa was busy in Rome’s Piazza Novanna directing children and their parents into the open air stands which were doing a thriving business.
  • Weekly Roundup - December 18, 2023

    Openai Lays Out Plan For Dealing With Dangers Of Ai New Computor May Make People Obsolete
    Gerrit De Vynck for The Washington Post News Wire Article published in the Somerset Daily American
    December 18, 2023 March 30, 1950
        OpenAI the artificial intelligence company behind ChatGPT laid out its plans for staying ahead of what it thinks could be serious dangers of the tech it develops such as allowing bad actors to learn how to build chemical and biological weapons. OpenAI’s “Preparedness” team led by MIT AI professor Aleksander Madry will hire AI researchers computer scientists national security experts and policy professionals. …

    Read the full article here.
        NEW BRUNSWICK N. J. March 28—(4)—A new mechanical brain— resembling a pinball machine on a jackpot rampage—may make _ people obsolete The device described as capable of operating a complete factory without human aid is designated officially as the magnetic drum digital differential analyzer. Its inventor 3l-year-old physicist Floyd Steele calls it Maddida for short. And what Maddida can do was shown .today at the opening of a three-day conference on computing jachinery at the Rutgers university coliege of engineering. Maddida is primarily a computing device with an accuracy of one part in a million and able to handle 4509 additions of eight-place decimal num- bers per second “But it’s even a better control. de- vice’ Steele said. “It will take infor- mation from another machine inter- pret that information and then run that machine.” Automatic Factory Steele who is also an aeronautical engineer at Manhattan Beach Cal. seid the machine was the forerunner of the completely automatic factory— where goods will be produced without help from the human hand or human brain. Until last week Maddida was an air force secret It had been built for the air force by Northrop Aircraft Inc. of Hawthorne Calif. and Steele said it would do the work of a full aircraft crew. But the real significance of the machine Steele says is its small size and low cost. It’s about the size of a pinball machine and the first model costs $25000 but Steele estimates that mass production can cut the cost to $600. Previous digital computers Steele said have ranged in the half-million dollar class and have occupied an area equal to a small-sized ballroom. But even marvelous Maddida can have its troubles Also at the Rutgers exhibition js another device whose computer function is to compute the cause of breakdowns suffered by com- puting machines.
  • Weekly Roundup - December 11, 2023

    Tucker Carlson Is Launching His Own Streaming Network Paar Quits Tv Show In Hassle With Network Nbc Says One
    David Bauder for the Associated Press News Wire Article published in the Washington Evening Journal
    December 11, 2023 February 12, 1960
        Ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson is starting his own streaming service promising to “tell the unadorned truth” to fans for $72 a year he announced Monday. Commentary interviews Carlson-flavored news reports and documentaries even an advice show will be offered on the Tucker Carlson Network which is essentially staffed by the people who used to work for him at Fox. The new venture comes more than seven months after Fox abruptly fired Carlson its most popular host. Fox …

    Read the full article here.
        The National Broadcasting Co. said today The Jack Paar Show will be on the air as usual Monday night and it hopes Paar will be in command. If not and he sticks to his walkout the network said announcer Hugh Downs will be host. A spokesman said the Paar name would remain on the program despite Paar\s dramatic walkout Thursday night after announcing tearfully to a studio audience that he was quitting because of NBC\s handling of a disagreement over a questionable joke censored from his Wednesday night show. Parr told newsmen later that he had not abandoned his television career. Meanwhile another broadcasting company announced it had put its entire facilities at Paar\s disposal for the production of any kind of show he felt would best serve his purpose or to make any public statement he wishes to make. 8-Minute Walkout Speech The offer was telegraphed to Paar this morning by Elroy McCaw president of Gotham Broadcasting Corp. which operates radio stations in New York Denver Colo. Seattle and Centralia Wash. and television stations in Denver and Seattle. Paar\s walkout speech—an emotional eight-minute talk which began after about 12 minutes during which Paar appeared to be in a normal happy mood—and the rest of the program which Downs took over were taped as usual early Thursday evening and went on the air at 11:15 p.m. without editing NBC announced the walkout—and its hope Paar would reconsider and return—even before television audiences saw the show. After Paar\s departure two of his guests comedians Shelley Berman and Orson Bean castigated the network with greater bitterness than Paar himself. They occasionally remarked The probably won\t run this. Downs—who said he didn\t work for NBC but for the Paar show said he would be very surprised if it didn\t. He said the censorship of the previous night had been a matter of taste not a matter of free speech which he praised the network for supporting.
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: University Hearings Then and Now

    Harvard, Penn and MIT presidents face grilling by Congress over antisemitism Senator, educator clash on riots
    Katie Lobosco for CNN News Wire article published in the New Castle News
    December 5, 2023 July 2, 1969
        Washington (CNN) — The presidents of Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are facing questions from Congress Tuesday about their responses to alleged incidents of antisemitism on their campuses in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war.
        “As you confront our questions in this hearing, remember that you are not speaking to us, but to the students on your campus who have been threatened and assaulted and who look to you to protect them,” she said.
        As chair of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Foxx invited Harvard president Claudine Gay, Penn president Liz Magill and MIT president Sally Kornbluth to testify.
        “After the events of the past two months, it is clear that rabid antisemitism and the university are two ideas that cannot be cleaved from one another,” Foxx said

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        WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Senate’s chief investigator of campus riots has accused a university president of applying a “double standard” under which lawbreaking students are immune from criminal laws applied to everyone else.
        “Where do you draw the line?” Sen. John L. McClellan, D-Ark., thundered at Stanford University President Kenneth S. Pitzer. “They commit murder out there—you’re going to handle it?”
        “Oh, of course not,” Pitzer replied. “But there are categories of things which are technically violations of the law that are better dealt with by campus authorities.”
        The exchange during a Senate hearing highlighted a sharp disagreement between defenders of campus autonomy, who contend college authorities might spark more violence by calling police, and critics who say students have no right to be treated as a special breed.
        In the House Tuesday, another aspect of the campus problem reached a climax. A band of Democrats on the House Education Committee managed to kill a bill to cut off federal aid from colleges which did not give the government indications they had plans to handle campus unrest.
        Rep. Edith Green, D-Ore., backer of the measure, said it was a mild step intended to act as a buffer against possible repressive anticampus legislation which might come up from the House floor.
        But liberal Democrats viewed the measure in the same light as other ‘repressive’ suggestions and banded together to kill it. Members of the committee disagreed among themselves whether the door would now be open for more stringent attempts at legislation to control student violence.
        The Stanford president, testifying Tuesday before McClellan’s investigating subcommittee, said local police agreed to let Stanford mete out academic justice to more than 200 students involved in two building seizures in April. He acknowledged the students smashed windows, damaged machinery, rifled files, and even stole two electric typewriters.
        But McClellan said it amounted to a “double standard” under which students get a privilege given no one else. “Where there is violence, actual crime, I wonder about the colleges applying the law as they see it,” he told Pitzer.